• "Nothing except the mint can make money

    without advertising"

    Thomas B. Macaulay

  • Who we are

    Since 2003 Galina Goldberg and Michael Novakhov became the go to marketing and advertising agency. Over the past 5 years, the agency has spearheaded over 759 Radio marketing campaigns and 316 TV campaigns.

    Galina Goldberg


    "My name is Galina Goldberg and I spent a better part of my live being on the radio, filming documentary films and creating outstanding marketing and advertising campaigns. I know of 103 secrets that will make your ad work for you. I look forward to seeing you not only as our client but as our friend."

    Michael Novakhov


    "I am Michael Novakhov and I started my media related career in Moscow in early 2000. Later when I moved to New York I continued my work as a news journalist and have my daily talk radio show."

  • What We Do

    We are the experts in ethnic marketing, advertising and communication.


    Turn-Key online, radio and television campaigns. Russian and American media

    Russian and American media

    Management of all aspects of your media campaign. Exposure across Russian language radio and TV broadcasters in US and Canada as well as online media publications.

    Russian-language media in US and Canada

    Agency has the exclusive right to advertisement sales on the US and Canada territories by the most popular Russian language news network project: NEWSru.com Group.

    Russian-language media in US and Canada

    Production and maintenance of the SMM (Social Media Marketing) projects, custom tailored across such platforms as: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Twitter etc…

    Russian and American market

  • More about us

    We are a dedicated group of professionals whose passion and expertise will help your brand shine. We love what we do and its that drive that makes us the best. Our radio personalities give us a unique opportunity to directly connect to your target audience. Reach our and let us show you what we can do for you.

  • Marques De Brim Cognac

    Taras Bulba

    Sea Crest-By the Ocean

    Enhance Aesthetics

    Russian Ice Cream

    Fuciaana Asian Fusion

    Petergoff Wheat Vodka

    Bakalar Czech Beer

     "Wild Goat" 

    Argentinian Wine 

    Rokhat Restaurant

    Petergoff Pepper Vodka

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